• Our commitment

Pombo Caballero Abogados firmly believes that developingaccess to justice as a fundamental right builds a more stable society and reduces social inequality. In addition to its diligent, respectable and responsible professional work to build a stronger country through the better administration of justice, it has always been committed to guiding and advising valuable Colombian social projects.

Pombo Caballero Abogados works hand-in-hand with the following social-interest foundations:

Asociación Santa Cruz.

This non-profit Catholic community’s purpose is to provide opportunities to support and educate children and young people by believing in and fostering a spirit of service.

The Association was established in September 1997 and its founding members include Rodrigo Pombo Cajiao, who drafted the organization’s initial bylaws and was responsible for applying for their approval by the Chamber of Commerce. This made it possible for the community to establish itself permanently to pursue its mission of service.

Pombo Caballero Abogados provides the comprehensivelegal services necessary for the Association’s proper functioning, such as legal advice, labor consultations, crisis management and consulting services.

Volunteers Colombia.

This non-profit organization receives legal advice from Pombo Caballero Abogados to pursue its mission: contributing to improving the quality of education in vulnerable communities by teaching English with native speaker volunteers.

Hogar San Mauricio Foundation

Since 1981, this non-profit organization has worked to support the State to meet the needs of children in the process of restoring their fundamental rights. The foundation is responsible for caring for, educating, feeding and supporting the dreams of all of the children it serves. Contributing to that goal, Pombo Caballero Abogados handles any legal matters that may arise from the foundation’s operations.